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idea - concept - creation    
“my work is an outer reflection of my inner experiences - non verbal creative expression - in my world, dogma’s do not exist - freedom, strength and beauty prevail.”

dedication: to offering custom quality craftsmanship in each piece
influences / inspiration: Life - Nature
self taught studies: Wax Carving / Mold Making / Lost Wax Casting / Finishing / Polishing / Jewelry / Sculpture / Photography / Film / Web



Sculpture - Silver Jewelry - Film - Photography - Web Design

Through casting my larger works in bronze I have had the opportunity to work with established local artists and foundries, including the Art foundry of Inverness Quebec. branching out - starting off big and going small: I started creating bronze sculptures in 1999 and after years of dedication to the craft I chose to take a scaled down approach, primarily inspired by my desire to make sculpture art wearable; the result - the PNK Sculpture silver jewelry line. This has been a challenging and rewarding venture as I was able to further develop my skills of focusing on the fine attention to detail that small pieces require. This also provided me with the opportunity to build a foundry from ground up and immerse myself in learning and applying the techniques of the lost wax casting process.
Recent success included: - 2013-2014 being selected to be part of dieselreboot the largest crowd sourced art exhibit in the world by featuring photographs of my work in art installations in New York City, Paris and Denmark.
- 2014, 2015 exibihited bronze sculptures in SCVLPTVRE I & II at the Palais des Congrès in Montreal. The biggest event in sculpture’s circles ever presented in Quebec.